Training Advisory Board

According to the DEEP Labex philosophy, trainees are also trainers. PhD students and post-doctoral researchers play a key role in proposing new training activities and setting them up within the Labex Training Advisory Board (TAB). The TAB members meet on a regular schedule in order to exchange ideas about the training needs or other workshops and events that could be organized by the Labex. The TAB ideas are then submitted to the Governing Board that takes the final decisions. The TAB members have already obtained the establishment of a bioinformatics course as well as the organisation of a meeting between Labex researchers and Art and Design researchers (ENSAD, PSL*).


Antoine Hocher

PhD student

Lab: Compartmentalization and Dynamics of Nuclear Functions (A. Taddei)

Research: Study of silent chromatin spatial compartmentalization in S. cerevisiae

Within the TAB: TAB President – Organising an Art&Science exhibition (Musée Curie)


David Stibon

PhD student

Lab: Chromatin dynamics (G.Almouzni)

Research: investigating the functional specificity of histone variants using Xenopus laevis.

Within the TAB: developing interactions between LabEX DEEP scientists.

Surayya Taranum

Surayya Taranum


Lab: Chromatin pathways to genome integrity (M. Papamichos-Chronakis)

Research: Unravelling the role of the INO80 chromatin remodeling complex in context of the Ubiquitin Proteasome system in the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Within the TAB: Science communication


Joke Van Bemmel


Lab: Mammalian developmental epigenetics (Edith Heard)

Research: Studies the role of chomosome conformation in transcriptional regulation and X-chromosome inactivation

Within the TAB: Organising an Art&Science exhibition in the garden of the Musée Curie


Mahéva Andriatsilavo

PhD student

Lab: Stem cells and tissue homeostasis (A. Bardin)

Research: Studies the molecular mechanisms that regulate the dual function of self-renewal and differentiation in adult stem cells.

Within the TAB: Promotes interactions between artists et scientists / Organising an Art&Science exhibition in the garden of the Musée Curie


Marie Clémot

PhD student

Lab: Epigenetic plasticity and polarity of the embryo (N. Dostatni)

Research: Studies the role of the chromatin assembly factor 1 (CAF-1) in the mitotic cells of Drosophila.

Within the TAB: Development of new training projects and the establishment of  new collaborations, with researchers from the fields of design and epistemology.


Jérémy Sallé


Lab: Stem cells and tissue homeostasis (A. Bardin)

Research: Studies adult stem cells and cell destiny regulations in middle intestine in Drosophila.

Within the TAB: Involved in the set up and administration of the Labex DEEP website


Camille Clément

PhD student

Lab: Chromatin dynamics (G.Almouzni)

Research : Study of the histone chaperone network and its role in maintaining genome integrity

Within the TAB : Organization of “Career Development” workshops and conferences

Past TAB members:

Elsa Brachet
Antoine Campagne
Nicolas Christophorou
Anahi Molla-Herman
Natasha Zamudio