Oliver J. Rando

orando_pictOur lab has a broad interest in epigenetic inheritance, with two major model systems under study. In budding yeast, we focus on how chromatin states are replicated. These studies have also lead us into related areas of histone modification biology, and comparitive genomics of chromatin packaging. We have developed several genome-wide mapping metholodogies in yeast, and we generally use these and many other genome-wide assays to understand chromatin structure and function.

In mouse, a major goal in our lab is to apply genomics tools to dissect the epigenetic underpinning of a novel transgenerational pathway we have discovered linking paternal diet to phenotype in offspring. Specifically, we have found that paternal diet affects expression of hundreds of cholesterol-related genes in their offspring in mice, thereby establishing a novel system for transgenerational control of phenotype. Here, we focus a great deal on genome-wide mapping of the many epigenomes present in sperm.


About the Labex:

« Labex members include some of the most influential workers in chromatin and epigenetics working today, and throughout my career I have been inspired by their work, and have had the honor of collaborating with some of the members of Labex. »


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