Jonathan Moggs

jmoggs_pictJonathan Moggs is Global Head of Molecular Toxicology (Discovery and Investigative Safety, Preclinical Safety, Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research) with 12 years of experience in preclinical safety assessment and drug development within both Agrochemical and Pharmaceutical industries, with an emphasis on investigating mechanisms of toxicity at molecular, biochemical and cellular levels. He isCoordinator of the EU Innovative Medicines Initiative MARCAR Consortium that focuses on novel mechanisms and biomarkers for Non-Genotoxic Carcinogenesis. He is also leading mechanism-based epigenomics applications within Translational Sciences. Prior to joining Novartis, Jonathan was Head of Investigative Toxicology at Syngenta Central Toxicology Laboratory (2000-2006) where he set-up and led the application of Genomic, Functional Proteomic and Epigenomic sciences for safety assessment. Jonathan received the British Toxicology Society Young Investigator Award in 2005 and is an Honorary Professor of Molecular Toxicology (Department of Molecular and Clinical Pharmacology, Institute of Translational Medicine, University of Liverpool,United Kingdom). His postdoctoral research (EMBO and EU TMR fellowships) focused on interrelationships between Chromatin Dynamics, Gene Expression and DNA Repair (Institut Curie, Paris, France). He has a PhD in Biochemistry (University of Sussex & Imperial Cancer Research Fund, United Kingdom) and a Bachelor degree in Biochemistry (Oxford University, United Kingdom).


About the Labex:

« The epigenetics and development focus of the DEEP LABEX initiative represents one of the most important and rapidly emerging biological science areas in the post-genome biology era and has strong potential to enhance drug discovery. I had the great privilege of conducting my post-doctoral chromatin dynamics research at Institut Curie under the inspirational mentorship of Genevieve Almouzni and I very much look forward to contributing a translational epigenomics perspective to the LABEX community. »