Missions doctorales


Maciej Kerlin

Lab : Genome Functions in Space and Time (A. Coulon)

As a PhD student in the team of Dr. Antoine Coulon (UMR3664), I study the mechanisms of coordination of gene expression by genomic elements called ‘enhancers’. My Doctoral Mission in the Labex DEEP is to administrate the Labex webpage. I work in collaboration with the Labex manager to keep the webpage up to date by writing and publishing different contents in French and English. On a regular basis, I also collect information from team leaders of the Labex about the publications, job offers and different events happening within the Labex community. This Doctoral Mission helps me to gain skills in website developing, science communication and gives a great opportunity to work with different people and broaden my professional network.


Nuria Cortés Silva

Lab : Evolution of Centromeres and Chromosome Segregation (I. Drinnenberg)

I am PhD student in the lab of Dr. Ines Anna Drinnenberg (UMR3664, Nuclear Dynamics Unit) and I use insect cell lines to study the loading of kinetochore components during the cell cycle in absence of the centromeric histone variant CenH3. As my Doctoral Mission in Labex DEEP, I help to coordinate the International Course on Epigentics, organized every year by the unit UMR3664. Specifically, I participate in the design of the poster of the course and I write and set up the course documents and the course website. On a regular basis, I also interact with the various participants (students and speakers) before, during and after the course to contribute to create a stimulating exchange between them. Another task I do is to harmonize the notations of the presentations made by the students, in consultation with the organizing pedagogical team and to write a brief summary report in English and French on the entire course, in order to distribute it on the website with relevant scientific illustrations. This Doctoral Mission helps me to improve my skills in science communication and to create networks with other students and experts of the field, which is an exceptional opportunity for exchange of experience.


Júlia Torné Cortada

Lab : Chromatin Dynamics (G. Almouzni)

I am PhD student in Geneviève Almouzni’s lab, where we are interested in understanding how chromatin organization is established, propagated, maintained, and changed during development and in response to environmental cues. My project is focused on histone dynamics during transcription, a highly chromatin-disruptive event. Complementing my research work, I am doing a Doctoral Mission in the Labex Deep as an organiser of the International Course on Epigenetics, organised by our unit, UMR3664. Within the organization, I am in charge of the fundraising of the course, as well as the set up of a Career development Workshop, where students can discover various career opportunities available following a PhD. Thanks to my Doctoral Mission I am gaining organizing, communication and networking skills. It is a great opportunity to explore other angles of research and to enrich my PhD experience.