Development & Epigenesis Epigenetics Stem cells and Life time potential Course on Non-Coding Genome

13-20 February 2019 / Institut Curie, Paris Sven Diederichs, Antonin Morillon, Marina Pinskaya

This course will explore the versatility of non-coding RNAs, a diverse and prevailing class of transcripts that engage in numerous biological processes across every branch of life in all living organisms from bacteria to humans. Word-famous researches will expose their very last discoveries in identification and biogenesis to functional roles of non-coding RNAs in physiology and human disease. It will provide an opportunity to young students and research fellows to discuss their work with an international scientific community in a warm and stimulating environment of Institut Curie.

Master (M2) and PhD students from French and European universities
Young research fellows (engineers, post-docs)
Open access to scientific community of Ile-de-France, subject to availability
Capacity: 30 persons in total

Non-coding genome. Pervasive transcription
Small non-coding RNAs
Long non-coding RNAs
Non-coding RNA in normal and pathological development
ncRNAs as genetic tools, biomarkers and therapeutic targets

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