DEEP Labex

In March 2012, a new research initiative was launched in the Institut Curie: ”DEEP” (Development, Epigenesis, Epigenetics and life-time Potential), within the context of the “Laboratory of Excellence” programme. This unique project of scientific collaboration brings together training, innovation and state-of-the-art technology for biomedical research. This ambitious research programme came from the realisation that in order to bridge the gap between genotype and phenotype in modern biology it is critical to explore simultaneously the concepts of epigenesis and epigenetics, using a series of classical and new approaches, including genetics, cell biology, physics, bioinformatics and systems biology. With this in mind, the DEEP Labex gathered together the forces of two existing Units at the Institut Curie, the Nuclear Dynamics and Genome Plasticity Department and the Genetics and Developmental Biology Department with one common objective: to understand the fundamental mechanisms involved in embryonic development, epigenetic processes and tissue homeostasis along with their regenerative properties.

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